A Technique To Remedy Just About Anything!

Try it on everything they say…

You know those cravings and urges and how they can sabotage your diet…

Tapping on a craving can make them go bye-bye! People are amazed when I give them a sample of what can happen to their beloved chocolate after just one tapping session.

At a business event, Tina, rushes to me and says, ” Rose! What did you do to me?” A bit cautiously I say, “What do you mean?” She replies back to me, “Every since we ‘tapped’ on that chocolate in your office, I have had zero desire for desserts or sweets of any kind.” “In fact,” she continues, “Not only did I lose 25 lbs, but 5 of those happened while on our cruise vacation!” 7 years later, Tina has continued to to stay at her slim little self, naturally!

Have fun, lose weight, feel great and keep a lifestyle that just for you.

Craving Gone

After we tapped on her craving for Carl Jr. Burgers, Keryn was amazed that she no longer craved that but also no desire for fast food whatsoever.

Fear Gone!

No more Fear! Chris and I worked on his fear of heights. In just 1 session, his fear was totally gone! He said it was the best money ever spent.

Calm & Peace

Life has never been better. Calm is my new way of life. We were able to learn more ways to handle stress. When anxiety shows up….Tap! Pam

What is Tapping?

Are you familiar with acupuncture? The ancient Chinese Method of inserting needles into the body’s energy meridian points to unblock the electrical charge that creates an unsettled emotion or problem.

Gary Craig founded EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques in 1993 after Dr. Roger Callahan noticed a patient was cured of her fear of water while tapping frantically on her chest standing knee deep in the water. Suddenly she exclaims, “I am no longer anxious about the water.” Since then the technique has evolved into an art of words and tapping with the fingers along the body’s meridian energy points. Similar to Acupuncture, but instead of going below the skin with the needles, simply using the finger tips (which have multiple energy points) to tap along the points shown below.

The results are astounding! It takes just minutes for a trained practitioner to guide a person through the tapping points. The client simply can follow along tapping while the practitioner leads them along. This can be done over the phone or in person.

Quick Tap Sessions

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