Having Trouble Getting Your Body to Respond Logically?

If you're anything like me, stress and anxiety can be huge roadblocks on the path to achieving our ideal lives.
The voice of reason seems to be missing from the body's language, sometimes.
Our body has a language of feelings and emotions.
For instance, when an uncomfortable or unpleasant situation occurs, it seems as if our body has a mind of its own and reacts accordingly. Speaking in public, or having stage fright is a prime example. Logically, a person tells the body to stop shaking and to calm down, but the body will not respond and rattling nerves just seem to get worse.
How do we get the body to respond to logic?
The psychiatric field has tried for years to find better ways at helping patients get through these unwanted negative feelings and emotions.  Many times these solutions are helpful, but, can take several sessions to get a breakthrough or results they are searching for.
It was quite by accident that I discovered what was truly happening to clients when we TAPPED on their issues. The perplexed look on their faces said it all! After a TAPPING SESSION when they could no longer bring up the emotion or the issue. 
What I realized was that this technique was speaking directly to the body in its language of feeling and emotion, rather than thinking mind logic. It is quite intriguing to watch the expressions on the faces when the issue is resolved.  
It was truly awe-inspiring to watch.
For myself, who have done many, many TAPPING SESSIONS for my issues, I am still quite surprised at the quick and great results every, single time.
Join me in getting you free from whatever is standing in your way of freedom from self-sabotage and get your body on board to respond logically to feelings and emotions.

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