Reach for a Tapping Snack Instead ...

... of that chocolate bar!


Available now!  For a Limited time - The All New Tapping Snack Session

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Stop those urges and cravings now!


Release stress and anxiety. Feel instant calm and relaxation.


Those fears and phobias can be a thing of the past!

How can a TAPPING SNACK help you?

This 30 minute session can work very well for eliminating a food craving or an urge.  If you have a fear of heights, a phobia of some sort; possibly of spiders, bugs, snakes, etc., a 30 minute TAPPING SNACK Session may be just the ticket for you.

If you have more things to work on and want to go deeper, we can add some courses and resources and more sessions in order for you to get a break through.


Sometimes, You just got to have it now!

Watch as Rose was in a parking lot at Walmart and was about to sabotage herself with a Lindor Chocolates!

M"TAPPING", is an energy psychology tool.  Similar to acupuncture, but without needles!


As you follow along with Rose in Tapping Session, she will use your own words to apply affirmations as you TAP with your own finger tips around certain meridian energy points on your face and body.


Many report an instant release, and say it is like hypnosis.  In fact, your body will feel more relaxed as you TAP, which allows for affirming suggestions.


No more anxiety and the "got to have it now" impulse for a junk food craving, biting your nails, or fear of heights.


Imagine having a normal reaction towards  junk food,  phobias, fear, anxiety, worry, gambling, smoking, drinking, etc.


For a limited time only, I am offering TAPPING SNACKS for just $150 per 30 minute session.  Because this is so effective, you may only need one session.  The going rate is now $450.  Get your Tapping Snack for just $150 while I can devote this private time to you!